Why We Are Committed to Partnering with Men ?

It may seem odd that a women’s empowerment company has a co-founder who is a man, but it’s actually part of what makes us so powerful and unique.

While we focus on women’s circles and the empowerment of women’s leadership, we do not believe in men bashing or hating men.

It is part of our company’s culture to honor, support, inspire and empower the men in our lives, raising their consciousness and elevating them to their greatness as our partners in this world.

When I first met Brent in March 2014, I was a few weeks shy of launching my book Open Your Heart. When he heard what I was doing, he immediately got behind it and said “I want to help you.”

So there we were, fresh in relationship and already working together.

Three months after meeting, I found out I was pregnant and we moved in together.

The rest is history.

Brent became my official business partner and co-founder of Sistership Circle.

As the brother of two sisters and father of two daughters, Brent is the perfect man behind our mission. He is dedicated to supporting the rise of the divine feminine, gets the power of circle from participating in men’s circles since 2015 and loves the work we do.

He even got on stage for the first time at Feminine Uprising LIVE 2019 to share a visualization with the women … getting choked up as he shared his passion for our work.

Brent is the living and breathing example that there are so many men out there who want to support and empower women’s leadership.

Many women have asked during our trainings how to bring in the men, and I always say that it starts with forming a women’s circle and then inviting men into that sacred space.

We have a beautiful curriculum called Honoring the Masculine-Feminine that we’ve done in multiple cities, starting with a circle where men share about their experience living as a man in today’s world while the women witness, followed by a circle where the women share their experience as the men witness, and completing with a partnership workshop to honor the integration and union.

But first, we must heal our wounding around the masculine and come to a place of honoring our men.

I speak into this during a Facebook live here:

WATCH >> “We Cannot Rise Without Our Men”

I’d love to hear from you … what’s your relationship with the masculine? Please leave a comment below.

In sistership,

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