How to Heal 8 Wounds of the Feminine

I created a viral Tiktok the other day that hit a nerve in the collective. Women asked over and over again in the comments: HOW DO I HEAL THIS??

This is what the unhealed feminine looks like:

???? Mistrust of women
???? People pleasing
???? Stifled sexuality
???? Comparison
???? Body Shame
???? Eating Disorders
???? No boundaries
???? Self-Sabotage
???? Unexpressed rage
???? Good Girl Syndrome
???? Feeling unworthy
???? Competition with women
???? Cattiness
???? Dimming your light
???? Suffering in silence

This is what the healed feminine looks like:

❤ Open-hearted & connected
❤ Soul Aligned
❤ Receiving pleasure
❤ Sharing your unique gifts
❤ Loving your body
❤ Healing whole nourishing foods
❤ Setting healthy boundaries
❤ Self-responsibility
❤ Channeling rage into making a difference
❤ Goddess Unleashed
❤ Embodied Confidence
❤ Collaboration with women
❤ Celebrating sisterhood
❤ Shining your light
❤ Speaking your truth

The divine feminine is rising with you. It’s time to heal. It starts with you.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Awareness

You must first identify the wounding of the feminine and see how it shows up in your life.

Step 2: Commitment

You’ve got to be willing to do the work by taking an honest and hard look within.

Step 3: Discover cause and effect

Open the closet door of your past and look inside. Find the originating incident of your wounding and trauma and see how it is impacted your life up to the present time.

Step 4: Release and replace the belief system

Identify the limited beliefs you learned from birth to seven years old when your brain was most susceptible to the conditioning from your environment. Release those belief systems from your amygdala and replace them with empowering new thought processes.

Step 5: Integration

Create actions to form new habits aligned with the empowered, healed feminine.

Here are 8 wounds of the feminine that you can begin to heal right now

???? The wound #1: Mistrust of women ????

You’ve been hurt by other women, most likely starting with your mother or blood sister.

Instead of women are …

Try this instead:

“We are all good women doing the best we can. She’s hurting me because she’s been hurt. I open my heart and create loving, deep relationships with other women.”

???? The wound #2: Good Girl Syndrome ????

You have bought into the patriarchal belief that “You are only loved if you are a good girl.” So you put yourself in a box (more like a cage) to fit in to society’s ideals and be liked. You probably did this to make mom and dad proud.

To turn this around, you must untame yourself, allow yourself to get in touch with your primal nature as Clarissa Pinkola-Estes shares in her book Women Who Run With the Wolves.

Try this healing mantra:

“I unleash the wild woman within and set myself free.”

???? The wound #3: Stifled Sexuality ????

You’ve been conditioned to have patriarchal sex to please a man, influenced by porn.

Instead of being shut down, it’s time to own your pleasure!

Your clitoris has 8000 nerve endings, more than twice a man’s penis!

Step into your pleasure portal, goddess:

“It is my divine birthright to receive pleasure. It’s my turn!”

???? The wound #4: Body Shame ????

Women’s bodies have been objectified for centuries, disconnecting you from the power of your body.

Women have been told that their bodies must look a certain way, for a man’s pleasure. Anything less than is inadequate.

Your body is a temple, your soul’s vehicle to do it’s purpose on this planet. Treat it as such.

Use lotion for self-massage every day as you thank and love up every part with these affirmations:

“I trust my body wisdom, I listen to what my body tells me, my body is beautiful, my body is mine.”

???? The Wound #5: Unexpressed Rage ????

Women’s anger needs to be kept under raps.

Have you heard any of these admonitions?

You are too much.
Don’t be loud and bossy.
Keep yourself under control.
Don’t be crazy.

The truth is, you have something to be angry about. Centuries of suppression and oppression. Women being treated as second class citizens. Women raped, mutilated and burned at the stake.

Your rage is valid.

And the best way to release it is to channel it into passionate purpose. Use the energy of rage to stoke your inner fire to make a difference for this world.

Don’t let it consume you, let it fuel you.

“I use my life force, passion and fire to light up the world.”

???? The wound #6: Dimming Your Light ????

The patriarchy does not want women to be in their power; it is threatening to the system and has been shut down.

So you have learned to keep yourself meek, small and insignificant. You don’t want to take up too much space so that others don’t feel less than.

But in reality, when you shine, you give other women permission to shine.

It’s time to allow the real, authentic YOU to come out and be seen. It’s time to let your inner beauty radiate outward and inspire others.

The feminine is a muse, like a flower that attracts the bees.

“I am radiant, I am beautiful, I am powerful. I let my light shine bright.”

???? The wound #7: Feeling Unworthy ????

There’s a deep subconscious belief formed from early childhood that you are not good enough. Deep down you think something is inherently wrong with you that came from constant reprimanding and lack of space holding for your emotions from your parents.

This is simply not true.

You are a divine being, the goddess incarnated, here with a soul purpose.

You have unique gifts, strengths and talents to live out your dharma.

It’s time to reclaim your inherent self-worth simply because you were born on this planet at this time.

Say it with me:

“I am worthy as I am. I am worthy because I was born. There is nothing I need to do or say to prove my existence matters on this planet. I matter. My life matters.”

???? The wound #8: Suffering in Silence ????

Women’s voices have been shut down and suppressed. Many of us feel constricted in the throat for this reason.

We have been conditioned to be self-sacrificing martyrs taking care of everything and everyone at the expense of our own wellbeing and self-care.

We don’t speak up in fear of upsetting someone else and being cast out.

But your self-care matters and you need to put your oxygen mask on first.

Start asking for what you need and setting healthy boundaries.

“My voice matters. I take care of myself first because I deserve nourishment. I will not be silent. I speak my truth.”

Start small, baby steps. Select the wound that triggers you the most from above. Then start releasing these limited beliefs and speaking these affirmations out loud to yourself in a mirror.

Share with us … which wound is most triggering?



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