Listen to the Call of the Wild ????????????

Have you been feeling called to shift something in your life? Change things up? Do something out of your comfort zone? Perhaps go somewhere completely new?

An idea comes, a revelation of sorts, which feels completely crazy and yet the force is so strong you cannot ignore it.

Then the adventure began …

Well, I’m thick in the middle of the adventure here in Costa Rica.

And to be honest, the path looks really muddy, the vision not so clear.

We landed in La Eco Villa yesterday (the 40-family community featured on the Netflix documentary Down to Earth).

We’re here for 5 weeks and have no clue where we’ll be led after that.

We’re wondering why we came here.

Did we make a mistake?
Were we delusional?
Is this really what we signed up for?

Don’t get me wrong … so much magic has happened.

Incredible support.
Epic conversations and connections.
I even went to a women’s singing circle today.

It’s a full range experience, a dynamic tension of opposites.

The quintessential “listening to the call” journey.

We heard the call, set off on this “epic” adventure, and then we hit turbulence.

Circumstances, obstacles, challenges.

It’s not the pretty picture we envisioned.

Definitely not as easy.

But that’s part of the definition of an adventure; it has risks and surprises and mystery.  If it was all flow and relaxation, it would be called a vacation.

This is all part of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

It’s the classic storyline for most movies and books.

It’s the transformational process for all humans.

Now, here’s the plot twist here in Costa Rica: there is no ultimate goal, or peak of the mountain to get to.

This is an inner journey … stripping away and letting go of the ego.

We are so attached to our comforts and materialism. We have mistaken what it means to be a human being, caught up in the Matrix. We have become conditioned to live in a way that is disconnected from the earth, from each other, from our souls.

On the other hand, the jungle is wild and untamed.

It’s teeming with life, alive, vibrant, moist.

It’s the feminine unleashed, untethered, uninhibited.

Connection with Mother earth. Pachamama. The divine feminine.

This is the Heroine’s Journey.

No longer an apex to climb up to, but a surrendering into the mystery and unknown, the letting go and stripping away of false constructs.

So many are being called to the jungle for la medicina. To reconnect with, and receive the wisdom from, the plant kingdom.

We have heard the call of the divine feminine – similar to Elsa in Frozen 2 hearing the voice of her own soul beckoning her to “remember” the truth.

This is also why we circle.

It is an ancient calling. Activating divine feminine codes. Remembering who we are.

Right now, 50+ women are on their Hero’s Journey to the top of the mountain … to create their first circle for Sistership Circle Day in the How to Lead Circle Program.

It’s an initiation into circle leadership. They heard the call and followed it.

But that’s just one aspect, the masculine aspect of “activating” a soul purpose through structure and action.

Equally important is the feminine aspect, the actual “being” in the mystery of the circle, receiving the medicine, to live more in tune with the circle of life.

It’s in circle where the ego has to surrender, the false constructs of the “mask” dissolve, and the true beauty of our nature is revealed.

So we don’t all need to go to the jungle to have a Heroine’s Journey.

It’s not the only place to get la medicina.

The jungle is coming to all of us through circle. The call is unique for each woman.

On Friday, during a New Moon circle, I guided the women through a visualization to meet the Black Jaguar in the jungle.

The spirit of the animal came through and had a message for each woman.

The meaning?

Unfamiliar Territory, Grace, Darkness.

When we connect with our animal within, and connect with the plants that give us life, we can embrace our wild, untamed nature. We can unravel the conditioning. We can find the grace to move through the darkness, the unfamiliar territory that we all are in right now.

We become the medicine women to usher in the divine feminine.

So whatever call you are personally hearing right now, listen. It’s happening for a reason … it’s part of the mass awakening on the planet.

Do you hear it?

I’d love to hear … Share with me in the comments.

In sistership,

PS. The “Best of the Best” Recording from last week is now available! You can watch it here.


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