From Disconnect to Pleasure: The Secret Practice of Feminine Life Design

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We are in a time of rapid change and shifting.

We can all feel this.

Time is speeding up. Things are releasing. Things are magnifying. Things are clarifying.

For those of us on a personal growth and spiritual path, we are being asked to literally Re-member. To put ourselves back together through healing our wounds, shedding illusions of untruths, and reconnecting to the entirety of Gaia and her wisdoms.

This is not always an easy journey but it can be made easier when we use the tools that we carry in our medicine bag. One of the most powerful tools I know of to be journeyed HOME to Self is to understand and embody the Lunar energies that are alive in every woman, no matter her age or whether she is bleeding or not.

These energies are the force that will support us to come into a state of healing, wholeness, and Sovereignty which are needed for us to live as Leaders, Lovers, and Lightkeepers.

The Lunar energies that reside in us ground us in to our bodies in very real and important ways. This is not to say that they are greater than or better than the Solar forces that are also alive in us. Rather, it is about reclaiming these currents that have been dismissed, ignored, or perhaps even exiled throughout our lives.

As women, we cycle through 4 main lunar phases, just like the Moon. We each have our own new, waxing, full and waning moon. When we live in congruency with our own inner Moon phases, we can then harness these energies and apply them to our lives creatively, practically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually. We can live from a deeply informed awareness of our body’s innate intelligence, recognize our place in the natural world and feel a connection to all women, everywhere.

Too many women right now are feeling disconnected. Angry. Depleted. Riddled with chronic pains. Separated from their libido.

And much of our reconnection and reclamation of pleasure (true expressions of leadership, lovership, and lightkeeping) lies in cultivating relationship with our Wombspace. Our Womb is the internal reflection we carry of the outer Moon.

There is a lot of conditioning and shame that we must move through in order to allow both the Outer Moon and our Inner Moon to guide us in every day, in every breath. We have been so trained to ignore the natural rhythms in our bodies.

So, then this is a practice. And if you can begin this practice TODAY (check a Moon calendar to see what phase the Moon is in right now) and commit for a full Lunation Cycle, you will begin to see, feel, and track both internal and external changes. Remember, this is a practice you are re-learning or re-educating yourself about.

However it is that you choose to engage with the Lunar energies within will be the extent to which you can access more of who you are. When you are living aligned with these phases, you will notice more energy, more connection, more health, more vibrancy, more potentiality, more wisdom. You will be a greater chalice for the Divine Feminine to live within you.

Understanding the 4 Main Lunar Phases:

In our New Moon when the Moon is in her dark, we are invited to dream and BE. We are called to our liminal realms where rationality disappears and real emotions reigns. We spiral inward, craving quiet and solitude. All that is not in resonance with the Truth of who we are is calling to be shed and released so that we have space to dream our visions.

In our Waxing Moon time, we begin to spiral outward and regain mental focus. From the dark comes moments of light and Divine inspiration begins to flow. This is the time where the dreams we planted begin to sprout and we have the mental band-with to implement action through our Solar forces.

In our Full Moon phase when the Moon is in Full Illumination, we are expressing outwardly. We are able to shine with effortless energy and give love without exhaustion. Our creative expressions are pouring forth, being harvested from our New Moon insight. We are juicy and full of passion to be used in erotic ways, in communion with the Divine and our own Human-ness.

In our Waning Moon phase, we again begin to spiral inward. Slowly. We have one foot in the light and one foot in the shadow. We can be fully intuitive and esoteric in one moment and then in the next can be impatient or irritable. This is the time we to take responsibility for our own Selves and create boundaries that are needed for our continued unfoldment emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

And then the Cycle begins again.
And again.
And again.

In Sisterhood, we are awakening to a way of living that we have lived for lifetimes. These Moon Phases are encoded in our DNA and our Blood. These rhythms are merely the gateways for us to remember Truth, Wisdom, Beauty, and Power. All we have to do is gift ourselves permission to be journeyed by the Moon.

I will meet you in the design of who we are.
And together we will live as Lovers, Leaders, and Lightkeepers.

In Lunar Love and Wisdom,
Joanne Ameya

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