8 Step Blueprint to Running a Circle Business

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There is a stigma around charging for women’s circles. Since women have been gathering for centuries, many women feel that sisterhood should not be commoditized.

However, many women who step into the facilitator seat slowly come to realize how much energy and effort it takes to lead women’s circles. They burn out or become resentful because they are struggling financially and cannot sustain themselves.

At Sistership Circle, we believe that there is a business model for women’s circle facilitators to make a living that leaves no sister behind. We have designed an 8-step blueprint for a facilitator to turn her women’s circles into a profitable business. It’s for facilitators who choose to invest in their own personal and business development because they believe they are worthy of compensation and desire to shift from a scarcity to abundant mindset.

It’s not a scam or a pyramid scheme. Instead, it is a personal development training model based on the value of transformation provided from the curriculum and structure.

It allows for women to choose their level of access based on their needs and desires.

It respects and honors the facilitator’s time, energy, experience, wisdom and effort.

The concept behind the model is this:

If a woman comes to a monthly circle that is open to the public, it only goes so deep. So there is a certain amount of value that she receives.

If she is in circle for an extended period, say 12 weeks, with the same women each time that follows a curriculum and/or process, she is able to go much deeper. She gets a significant increase in value based on her own weekly development and the connection with the other women. The longer the period, the deeper she can go, and the more value.

If she immerses herself in a retreat, again, she is able to go much deeper within herself and have significant breakthroughs.

So a facilitator creates a pricing model based on the value of each offering, starting at the lowest for her monthly circles and the highest for her retreats and/or advanced longer term circle programs. She can even make the monthly circles free or donation based since she is able to make up for it with her other offerings.

We have mapped out the 8-step blueprint and given an example using our pricing model in the handout.

>>> Download the Circle Business Model here

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