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Welcome to Sistership Circle!

While you may have already seen me around, I wanted to officially introduce myself and share my passion with you today.

I’m Tanya Lynn, the founder of this worldwide movement.

I am deeply devoted to activating women’s leadership and training women around the world to lead circle. My husband, Brent and I live in Carlsbad CA (north coastal town in San Diego) with our two daughters, Kali and Summer.

Thank you for allowing us to come into your inbox … we do not take this lightly because we know that this is a sacred place and we feel honored that you have invited us in.

Our intention is to treat you, and every woman on the planet, as sacred.

It is through this honoring that the sacred sistership is formed and becomes whole.

We are on a mission to give every woman in the world the experience of real and authentic sistership where she is loved, accepted and celebrated as herself. 

We believe that through the sistership, women gain confidence in being a woman, claim their feminine leadership and develop meaningful, deep relationships with other women.

This, ultimately, is the divine feminine rising that we hear so frequently.

The rise of women, in sistership, standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity, reclaiming our individual and collective power.

We have a lot to say on the topic and over the next week will be sharing who we are, what we believe in, and what we do.

We have a vision …

✨A vision where there are 1 million Sistership Circle’s on the planet, where “circle” is woven into the fabric of society, and every woman has access to a circle.

✨A vision to shift from a patriarchal society to one of equality by empowering the leadership in as many women as possible and creating circles to bring women together to support one another in rising into our full power.

✨A vision where women create safety for themselves and one another to be BRAVE – Bold, Responsible, Authentic, Vulnerable and Empathetic.

✨A vision where “women’s work” is honored, celebrated and respected, that women feel confident in doing women’s work and are compensated because of its inherent value.

✨A vision where women are committed to healing their sister wounds and stopping the worldwide sister war, seeing each other as allies instead of enemies.

✨A vision where the next seven generations of girls love their bodies, speak their truth, own their worth and know the tremendous power they hold as females.

✨A vision where women empower and create partnership with the men in their lives so that all men value, honor and respect the divine feminine.

✨A vision where humanity is in harmony with mother earth and all of life, no longer seeing ourselves as separate or better than, but part of a synergistic whole, working together in co-creation.

This may seem like an ideal world, a lofty vision, but we hold it as our guiding light, our north star. We are on a mission to create 1 million circles because we know that circle is a powerful container for healing, transformation, and empowerment of women worldwide.

⭕️Circle is where we remember the truth of who we are — our roots, our bodies, our souls.
⭕️Circle is where we reclaim the truth of who we are — our voices, our power, our light.
⭕️Circle is where we rise into the truth of who we are — leaders, sisters, lightworkers.

Please join our community FB Group. One of my favorite things is seeing women post a photo of themselves and share a short paragraph about who they are.

Would you be willing to do that?

Join >> Sistership Circle International Community FB Group

In sistership,

Tanya Lynn


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