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One of the things I always share with our facilitators is to lead from your why, and yesterday we shared with you the vision that we collectively share at Sistership Circle in hopes that it inspires you.

We believe that circle is one of the most powerful forces on the planet right now.

We believe that circle is the answer to the majority of the world’s problems today.

It solves the problem of …

?disconnection, isolation, and division by creating a space for authentic connection and community.
?domination and control by offering a new paradigm of collaboration and co-creation.
?disassociation and sedation by helping people feel their feelings and accept all parts of themselves.
?destroying the earth by teaching people to reconnect with the rhythms and cycles of nature.

It is a growing phenomenon all over the world because when someone comes to circle, they see that is something they have been looking for their entire life and didn’t realize it until they stepped in.

I have personally watched so many women weep in circle because they felt a sense of belonging, like they finally came home to themselves.

Tears of relief, joy, gratitude.

We know the power of circle and are committed to giving every woman on this planet access to a circle.

One of the ways we do that is through Sistership Circle Day.

Twice a year, we host synchronized circles around the world … where all of our facilitators band together and host a circle on the same day with the same theme.

In December, the theme is HerVision for the full moon to anchor our intentions and visions for the year ahead.

In June, the theme is Sol-Sister in celebration of the solstice to anchor our collective sisterhood.

As many of our facilitators put their circles out there for the first time, they found that the public didn’t quite understand this up and coming concept of circle.

So I created a video to explain.

WATCH >> “What the Heck is a Circle Anyway?”

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