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In 2016, I partnered with one of my dear sisters, Laura Swan, to co-create a local circle and co-lead How to Lead Circle. While the partnership was short-lived, we both gained tremendous value from the experience. We both became crystal clear on our visions and healed some deep sisterhood wounds to fully embody our missions.

Laura is incredibly gifted at her work and a beautiful writer. She is the embodiment of the unconditional loving mother archetype, fierce warrioress and heart-centered queen. She’s a master when it comes to divine feminine archetypes, which she dives into in her new book Reclaim Your Power.

As Laura writes:

I believe that women are truly the most powerful, resilient and multi-dimensional creatures in the world. We are ridiculously strong and have unique flavors of compassion, empathy, vulnerability and nurturance coupled with fierceness, strength and power. We carry life and give birth, and we sacrifice our bodies over and over so that life can continue on this earth. We are a miracle (as are all creatures) and I do believe there is a very special power and strength that comes from being the bearers of life for a species. We HAVE to possess a certain type of emotional make-up to be able to do that without completely losing our shit and running for the hills (though I have to admit I almost have myself a few times).

The drive to nurture life within us and all around us, whether we birth actual children or not, is the same drive that also makes us great leaders, healers, feminine entrepreneurs and teachers as well. We care deeply about other people’s success, health, well-being and overall quality of life. We care deeply about building relationships and making sure they are maintained and healthy. We care deeply that not just some people, but all people, have the rights to a just and sustainable world.

And this is why we are being called to rise and reclaim the fullness of our gifts, our leadership and our creative potential like never before in human history. Because we are needed now more than ever. There are many challenges we face in this time that are pressing and urgent. I believe that women’s heart-centered leadership and wisdom is essential to our species’ survival. Not only will owning our genuine gifts in service to the world make us happiest and most fulfilled (bonus), but also… our planet needs our love, creativity and vision right now like never before. We need as many of us as possible to be in our authentic power… because as women, our authentic power may be fierce, but it comes from our hearts and a genuine place of love.

This is a pathway of self-awareness and self-discovery that, ultimately, I pray will lead you back home to yourself… right back to your own powerful, creative and beautiful Soul. And I know this journey well, because it is the very path I have chosen to take for myself as a woman.

In my own life, I have had my share of challenges and trauma, from growing up in a broken family as a young girl, to drug and alcohol addiction by age eleven, to an abusive relationship at age thirteen, to a cancer scare at age fourteen, to shame around my body and sexuality in my teens, to a severe eating disorder in my early twenties. I struggled with many health challenges and fertility issues throughout the years and had numerous pregnancy losses before having my two children. As I will share in some of my personal stories here, I have known the darkest of darkness and been in the deepest of depressions. I know what it feels like to want to give up on life altogether. Because at times…. it just felt too hard to go on.

But by the grace of God, I did go on, and I have found a faith within me that has become unshakable and real. I came to discover, through these incredible challenges and times of darkness, the resilience of my Soul and the power of my own light. I believe I have created the life I live now, and stepped into my true calling, as a result of the lessons and hardships I endured. I believe with all my heart they have made me the woman I am today. And these lessons have all become a part of this pathway that I will share with you.

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