Unveiling HerVision: How to Make Your Vision A Reality in 2020

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Now is the perfect time to do some reflection on not only "Unveiling HerVision: How to Make Your Vision A Reality in 2020"Now is the perfect time to do some reflection on not only on 2019, but your key takeaways from the entire decade so that you can set yourself up for the next decade of your life.Join Tanya on FB LIVE today as she shares a powerful ritual to complete your year and start planning for the year ahead.

Posted by Sistership Circle on Monday, December 2, 2019


Can you believe we are in the final month of the decade?

December is typically a very powerful month for you to do a lot of reflection.

One of my favorite things to do in December is to take time to reflect. For years, every single year I would get together with a dear friend and we would take two to three hours to look at all the things we learned throughout the past year and go through it month by month. It was such a powerful process.

What has now happened is that process has now become one of the most important days of the year for Sistership Circle. It has become Sistership Circle Day –  ‘Unveiling Her Vision’ which is happening in just a couple of weeks.

This is so powerful because not only am I doing this process but we have over a hundred facilitators who are guiding women as well through this very powerful ritual and exercise of completing the year of 2019 and envisioning for the future.

Today, I want to share about this process, this powerful ritual and why you want to go and join one of these circles from Sistership Circle day which will happen around the full moon in December.

There are three things you need to look at from the year and pay attention to this month:




The celebrations – what were the highlights? What were the celebrations? If you could summarize that into three celebrations what would they be? E.g. finally moved…

One thing to do is to go month by month, and go by each category e.g. health, wealth, relationships, spirituality. In the Her Vision circle we take your through seven categories of your life. It’s so powerful when we do it in a circle as there’s something that happens in the container and being in the group it’s like the intentions get amplified and magnified in that circle space.

When you go through month by month, get out your calendar and diary and jog your memory. What’s one thing you can celebrate from each month? It’s amazing how that can have you look at the positive outlook.

Really get present to the things that worked and the celebrations as that will help us build more of that in the coming years.



What were the Reflections and the lessons? So many times we want to be just like ‘urgh I’m over this year, it’s just been a really hard year for me’. But can you get the lessons from the breakdowns and not try to get away from them but to look at ‘wow, what was the lesson in that?’. Write it down and review it. Then you might start to see patterns. If we ignore them and brush them aside, and we don’t take the time to really get the lessons then we can easily find ourselves in the December of the next year talking about the exact same thing.

One thing I noticed is that I had the same debt year after year after year. No matter how much money I had. It became the elephant in the room and then it was this year where we said, we are done with it. What was powerful in look at the lessons – what were we getting from the debt? What were some of the lesson we were getting from it? Take the lessons, learned some things, learned not what to do and then develop new practices.



The patterns – what were some of the beliefs, some of those things you can see and track and see that they are patterns. Awareness is key to making a change. If we are not aware of our patterns, how can we break them? E.g. me and husband looked at some of the patterns with our communication. We brought in the Karpman Drama triangle (something we use a lot here at Sistership Circle) –  and have started looking at how we are reenacting our patterns. This has involved us working on taking ourselves out of the drama triangle in the relationship. We have since committed to 12 weeks with our relationship coach – to have that support and to look at that patterns. The way we can break the pattern is to first notice that we are in a pattern and then seek support in breaking it. These patterns are always rooted in limited beliefs that we learned from childhood. So we have an opportunity to go deeper into pattern to see where it’s coming from – is it from Mum or Dad?

We also have an opportunity, since it’s the end of a decade, to have a look over the last ten years and to ask ourselves, are there some patterns that I’ve been in for a long time now?

Probably, right? So again, we have an opportunity to bring awareness and up-levelling to the next level of consciousness.

We can ask ourselves how old are some of these patterns that I’m in? Get clear, have awareness and then look at the impact. If you are present to the impact of these patterns and how they are wreaking havoc on your life and what they are holding you back with, then you can actually make a change next year.

When it comes to goal setting, sometimes we are like oh I’d like to work out more, I’d like to lose ten pounds – but we can ask ourselves, what’s the pattern around your health? Are you present to the impact of the way that you are eating or not exercising or what it is that’s actually creating the weight gain? Maybe it’s a blind spot and that’s where you go and get the support and guidance from a coach or a professional who can help you to bring awareness and actually bring it to light.

So we’ve got:

  1. Celebrations
  2. Lessons/Reflections
  3. Patterns


The other element to bring in to this whole process is intention.


To look at your goals, your intention. Did you have an intention this year. Did you have any goals? This is why it’s so powerful now to write all of this down and then do it for the next year. When you have it written down, then you can review it. If you haven’t written them down, how can you see what’s happened? There is so much power in writing down your goals and intentions.

Think back, did you set your intentions? Did you fulfil on it? Was there a word? Did you reach your goals? Then make that comparison. There is no right or wrong.

What can prevent you writing them down is fear of failure. If you think you fail you are just getting a lesson. When we look at things as right or wrong or good or bad then we fail to get the lessons. We fail to integrate because we are so much trying to avoid or push away – I don’t want to be wrong.

But with feminine leadership, it’s about the integrate of dark and light and really seeing the breakdown as an opportunity for a breakthrough.

Then if you go back and look at the word or goals that you didn’t reach, why not, what happened? It’s OK? Maybe you came really close, what would have given you that extra push that would let you reach the goals? It’s an indicator that can help you see where you are at.


Then taking all of that and looking at what are the themes and what do I want to create next year. Create your vision of 2020 based on what you have learned, celebrated and what you’ve integrated for the next year and decade

Word of year, intention for this year, goal for each area life?

Look 10 years from now. What’s my intention for the decade? What are my goals 10 years from now. Closing your eyes, picturing yourself. So how old will you be, what will that look like, where will your kids be at, where will you be living, where will your business be? Get that visual and then start to create some goals and a vision of what you want your life to look like.

With goal and visions – the vision is the way you want to feel, how that feels in your body and then attaching numbers and measurements to it.

This is where we make our goals SMART: Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely

This allows us to bring in a masculine AND feminine approach – how does that make me want to feel, what’s the desires – which is the feminine. Then what is the masculine – the specific measurable outcome. For example, if you say you want to be in the best shape of your life – quantify what that means. Does it mean being a certain body weight, does it mean being able to lift a certain weight, does it mean being able to run a certain distance or waking up at a certain time each day. It is important to make it tangible and measurable. The more we can get specific with the feeling and desire and specific numbers attached to it, this is how it’s going to come true. This is how we make our vision a reality.

Desires and feelings – for the feminine but you need the measurable outcomes from the masculine which can then bring it into reality.

If you want support from this, you have to be at Sistership Circle day, Unveiling Her Vision. There are over 100 events happening all over the world. If there’s not one in your local city then we have some happening virtually then you can join us.


We do a veiling ritual and there’s so much power in the veil. I personally had a whole new experiences with the veil this year. I had few mystical experiences where I’ve gone beneath the veil and been able to really see things that I haven’t been able to see before, being able to connect with soul of SC and my own soul. I was able to see beyond the veil. That’s the thing, we have a veil, the veil of illusion (Maya) the illusion of limited beliefs, coming from childhood, society of all the things that we’ve learned and we call it truth when it’s not actually the truth. When we go under the veil, we see and then we take it off, then we can see more clearly.

When we go under the veil, we go within. It’s a physical representation of going within, and by going within you then look at what you learned from 2019 and then you take the veil off and declare what you are creating for 2020. It’s so powerful.

Mary Magdalene, the Priestesses, they all wore a veil – they go within, into the darkness, the mystery, the feminine we can then connect with something greater than ourselves.

Winter is about going within, doing the reflection, go into the silence and stillness of the darkness and mystery so when we emerge in the spring, we see things differently. So can you honor that this season? It’s such a powerful way to bring yourself to that awareness – by doing this ritual. Coming to a Sistership Circle,  you can do it with us OR you can just do it on your own. However, there’s something really really powerful about being witnessed in this.

You can sign up for a circle at Sistershipcircle.com/events

We look forward to making this day really special with you and co-create the vision for 2020 and beyond.




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