The Feminine Uprising: How to Rise and Thrive Leading Circles

Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your “self.”

Your ego works with “reason” to keep you safe

To step into feminine leadership, and for the circle to exist, you must dismantle your ego.

What if you no longer had to please others, be perfect, prove yourself worth, pretend that you’ve got it all together and perform to get attention?

If you let go of the identity that you’ve created for yourself, take off the mask, who would you be?

You would be your true self.

But you have followed the “P’s” of patriarchy because you grew up thinking something was inherently wrong with you.

Your father and mother unconsciously shamed you.

You started to believe that you needed to act a certain way to get love and attention.

You learned ways to protect yourself from getting hurt, being abandoned.

The ego keeps you separate, disconnected, isolated.

You feel like you have to hide the real you.

So you don’t get to experience real authentic connection with yourself or with others.

You don’t get to feel fulfilled, deeply nourished, free.

The truth is: you don’t have to hide.

And this is why we circle.

There is no hiding in circle.
There is no place to run.

It is real, raw, authentic truth.

Circle brings medicine to help you heal that part of you that has been hurt in the past.
Circle brings mirrors to help you see yourself.

For you to be a feminine leader and specifically lead circle, you must learn how to:

Commit – show up no matter what
Connect – to the deepest core truth of yourself and others
Co-Create – trust in a power higher than yourself
Collaborate – create partnership with others
Celebrate – the dark and light as all valid experiences (there is no right or wrong, good or bad)

This is what you learn at Feminine Uprising LIVE.

This is not your typical event.

It’s a transformational, experiential retreat.

We are on a SHIP for 3 days in the gorgeous Mission Bay, San Diego. While we never leave the dock (don’t worry about getting seasick; you won’t), it feels like we are in our own magical world.

You are going to go through a process of moving through blocks and releasing limited beliefs so you emerge from the weekend ready to build your circles from a solid foundation.

This is about you stepping into your individual power as a woman while also getting that your greatest power lies in your connection with the collective. To really RISE and THRIVE as a feminine leader, you must be in the spirit of collaboration.

There are 10 women from our leadership team co-leading this experience for you. We want to you to really feel in every cell of your body the power of our collective at Sistership Circle and how YOU can be a crucial part of it.

This week marks our special offer for you to attend this retreat at the lowest investment of $297.

Are you in?

Get your ticket today … we sell out every year due to limited space on the ship


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