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How to drop into your sensuality through movement


Feeling disconnected, low energy, or too much in your head?

Feeling stuck, blocked or unsure about your next move in life?

It’s time to get into your body!


What is sensuality?

How to connect more deeply to life and to what you desire

Finding expression for all that is within

How you can come into full expression of yourself

How to incorporate sensuality into your role as a woman and circle facilitator

Using sensuality to release areas where we are stuck and blocked.

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Welcome to drop into your sensuality through movement. I am Natasha. I’m a facilitator with Sistership Circle and based in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m really excited to share with you about this piece today.

I am a woman who loves to drop into her body and connect with everything that I desire in life through physical sensation.

We said today, drop into your sensuality through movement. So, what is sensuality first?

Let’s start there so we can understand what we are trying to embody. Sensuality is the ability to experience life through our senses. To see, to hear, to taste, to smell, to touch. And the more we start to practice sensuality, our physical experience in this world, the more we start to embody our lives. To not just move through them in the physical plane, in the physical body, in the physical sense. But to go beyond that. And start to really connect to what we are doing, what we are seeing, feeling and hearing. This can really help us to learn how, when things go off track and when we feel challenged, to use our physical body to come back into alignment with what we desire.

This physical body of ours and our sensuality, it wants to be expressed. It wants to be expressed through our body. To be able to have a physical voice for what is resting inside of you. That’s why we do it through movement, because what better thing to do with this body than move?

I want to just take a moment here to stop and to breathe. Close your eyes, take your left hand and place it down over your womb space, take your right hand and place it on your heart. We have our creation center down in the womb space, it’s also where our sensuality begins to awaken. It’s the place where our feminine essence rests. Then up in the heart we have our connection through love, compassion, acceptance of self, accepting all that we wish to express in this world. Feeling confident and aligned with it.

Now being to allow your body to do whatever it needs to do with movement, to deepen that connection to the womb and the heart. See if you can begin to feel the energy that is resting beneath your hands, the energy of your being.

So in my body, I’m going to start to tap into what my body feels like and into what the energy feels like. What am I feeling and experiencing in my body?

The movement that starts is a stirring of my hips, a circling. For me, the hips are the cauldron of life, the cauldron of my creation. Our pelvis, our pelvic bowl, whether you still have your womb there or not, this pelvic bowl is a cauldron of creation and as a woman, it is yours forever.

So, my hips start to stir, start to spin round the energy that is resting within that space. As I breathe, I can feel what’s moving through my body, my breath as it moves past my heart and all the way down to my pelvic bowl. I can feel the way my breath moves in my body. Which parts of my body open and shift? Which parts feel a little bit tense through that movement? As I exhale, I continue to move, I can release anything that I don’t wish to reside here within this temple of mine. Anything I don’t wish to stir into creation.

Take a moment to feel what is stirring through your body right now? Which pieces of life are giving you physical sensations in order to capture your awareness? What movements are coming with them? For me also, feeling that the stirring is that ability to stir up what I want to share with you here right now. What do I want to come forth into creation and use my body to create? And

The reason we want to share with you this piece is because as a facilitator, when you are a circle facilitator, your full expression of your-self, is going to support you to draw in the women you desire in circle.

When we want to come into full expression of ourselves, we do this through our language and what we say, not only through our actions and our marketing, but we do this through the energy we create in our body.

We all know about the law of attraction and bringing ourselves into alignment, and if you are thinking about your message that you are putting out to the women in your circle, what does that message and that full expression of your message and full expression of yourself, look like when you move?

If you are feeling a little bit challenged by what does this look like to be in my full expression when I am moving, ask yourself, ‘how can I start to practice more? How can I start to practice sensuality? How can I start to practice being more physically connected to my experiences in life? How can I practice being more physically connected to my message and why? How can I then show that to world? So that as your body is moving, as your hips are moving, as your body is talking, and perhaps you like to move your hands as I do, as your body is moving, it is speaking to everyone you come into contact with. It is speaking your message for you. It is creating that energy and building it up. It would be very different if I was to stand still talking to you right now. Sensuality to me means flow, it means movement and it means physical expression. So how can we start to tap into that a little bit more and do it through movement?

I want to bring in two separate pieces here. One is using movement and expression through dance and using music to help guide you. Think about those songs that when you listen to them, they inspire you into the energy you want to hold in your circles, they inspire you into what it is to feel that you are experiencing all that you wish to be in this world. These songs will align to the message you are wanting to bring to the women in your circles as well. The key here is to practice moving to those songs. When I am dancing to this song, I’m now coming into the physical expression of this.

For example, I am here talking about sensuality and movement because I love to connect women to their bodies and to then be able to start experiencing life with more depth and feeling connected to life not just outside of them, but life inside of them. So songs for me that I pick are ones that get me swaying, that get me wanting to move my arms, that have me wanting to fully express my body, every piece of it. Rather than boppy fun songs because that’s not really my message, that’s not the physical message I am bringing.

But maybe that’s yours and maybe those are the songs for you to tap into. So that’s your first step when dropping into your sensuality through movement is what does the physical expression and full expression of my sensuality look like?

I’d like to invite you to reach into something a little uncomfortable and to maybe take a look at the songs that might make you feel a bit stuck in your hips, and invite you in to music that is going to loosen up everything in your body.

That hip area, womb space and pelvic bowl together for a really powerful creation centre for you. It’s a place for you to tap into your wisdom as a woman. So if you are feeling stuck in this area, if you are struggling or feeling like when you are moving your hips that it’s feeling stuck and you can’t quite get that motion that you want to, how can you practice loosening up into it? Because the more you loosen up through every piece of your body, remembering that where we hold tension, we hold stress, those are, we will begin to see this mirrored in our lives.

Each part of the body relates to different parts of our lives. Louise Hay’s work is a great example of how different pain and syndromes relate to different areas and aspects of life. So if we, as women want to facilitate circle for women and we are feeling a little bit stuck in connecting to our womanhood, or feeling a little bit stuck in connecting to our spirituality through our divine feminine and really holding that flow and rhythm in life, how can you start to practice moving in a way that opens you up through here, to release any stuckness?

What will happen is that will help you to release the areas in your life that are stuck in relation to the divine feminine, in relation to creation and your wisdom. The more you can loosen up each area of your body through movement, the more you are going to be able to access the energy that rests there for you. Especially if we take a look at chakras. If you are feeling really tight and tense around the shoulders, you might be holding on to words you want to say but you are keeping them back. Maybe you are not feeling in your confidence and courage to express your full truth. How can you allow yourself space to open that area so there is free flowing energy for you to full express yourself verbally? I love music that gets me moving every piece of my body because then everything then let’s go.

The other piece I want to invite you into is that it’s not just about the movement, it’s about learning how to feel the movement. This might take time because a lot of us have become dulled in sensation, especially if we felt numb in particular areas of life for a while. So I invite you to, when you are practicing a movement, to also bring in that element of touch. Ask how can I bring in the more physical touch into my movement so I am really awakening every cell of my being. Maybe this is just where you start. Just stroking your arms and learning what it feels like to be present to the physical sensations so ask you are touching your arm, what does it feel like when your hand moves? What does it feel like when your finger-tip touches your arm and moves over it? Can I become really aware of this piece of my body and how I’m using it to express myself in this world? It becomes a very potent practice when we bring this into our lives.

It’s also one of the reasons why we have movement in circles. If you’ve ever come to one of our Sistership Circles, there is always some movement. The music will often relate to our theme because we are guiding you into the embodiment of the energy we are creating in our circle. If we really want to bring some power to these embodiment pieces in our circles, these pieces we are bringing in for the women attending, we want to get really good at that embodiment through our movement. Because the more we begin to express ourselves through those movement, the more we become an invitation for every women in the circle with us to fully express themselves too. As we guide women to embody sensuality, in a circle setting, this might begin by having everyone close their eyes and really dropping into the movements they are creating, letting them get comfortable with it. Then maybe you are going to guide them into what they are going to do with their body, if you are watching them and maybe they are not doing a lot, how can you guide them, whilst their eyes are closed, so that they don’t have to worry about their confidence in doing that whilst being seen because everyone has their eyes closed. Then invite them to all open their eyes and ask them to continuing holding that full expression.

Now we want to help you practice this. So we are bringing to you a little five day challenge. We are going to be holding this challenge over in the Sistership Circle for Feminine Leaders group on Facebook.  Here’s the link to join the Facebook group.

Today is Day 1 so I want you to find a song that is going to get you moving. We invite you to move to that song in full expression and full sensuality and then to share with us your experience and what you notice in your body.

We will do the same for tomorrow, except tomorrow I will give you a song to try. The songs will be between 5-15ish minutes long because I want you to see what happens when you are challenged to move for a longer period of time. Do you notice your energy ebb and flow? Do you notice the way your body moves changes? Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough time for our body to fully awaken to what we are experiencing. We are very used to going ‘I’ve just got to get stuff done’. So I want to slow you down and get you used to something a bit longer.

On Wednesday, I’m going to be going live again in the Facebook Group (in the Sistership Circle for Feminine Leaders Facebook group). I’m going to be going live with one of my beautiful Sistership Circle facilitators, Healther, where we are going to talk about her story and coming into her full expression that is in her body, how she awakened the full expression of her body. She has a really beautiful story and a real breakthrough the occurred for her, and what it looks like when she is being her sexy mamma self.

Then again on Thursday we’ll move through a song, and we’ll finish up on Friday with a practice and with another live video to tie it all together for you to take forward as a feminine leader in your life.

I’m really excited to bring this five day challenge to you. This is a ritual piece that came into my life when I was really stepping into another layer of what it means to be a woman and into the next layer of the message I want to bring to women and learning how to embody that.

Our sensuality is alongside our sexuality, often don’t get enough attention. But this is the embodiment piece. If we want to become fully expressed and embodied, circle leaders, this is where we need to practice. So I invite you to join me, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

If you have any questions, don’t forget you can pop them in the chat box and we’ll answer them for you. I’ll see you soon.


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