Voices of the Sisterhood Movement

Do you have a story to share?
Do you have a message that you know deep in your bones you need to get out there?
Do you feel a calling to express your soul with the world?
What has been your journey with sisterhood, the feminine, or leadership?

It is time to rise up.
It is time to shine.
It is time to speak your truth and be visible.

One of our intentions for Sistership Circle International is to be a platform for women’s voices.

We are on a mission to have every woman feel seen, heard and celebrated. For every woman to feel the power of sisterhood. For every woman to know what it means to be a woman.

There is a collective voice for women’s empowerment and feminine leadership. It is not just mine (Tanya’s). When our voices come together in union, the harmony is so much sweeter. It sends goosebumps up the spine. It speaks volumes (literally and figuratively). It is so powerful that it turns heads.

That’s why we are opening the doors for you to share your voice on our platform.

Introducing Voices of the Sisterhood Movement

What is it: a monthly collection of articles, short stories, poems, videos, and photos to represent the collective voice of women’s empowerment and feminine leadership.

Intention: tap into your soul’s work and express yourself. What wants to be shared? What would empower, inspire and uplift you and other women? Let go of the fear that holds you back from self-expression and unleash your creativity.

How to participate: submit an article, short story, poem, video or photo by the last day of every month to be featured in the following month’s collection. Must be original content. It can be anything on empowering and inspiring women, feminine leadership, and sisterhood. That includes topics such as self-love, self-worth, partnership with men, abundance, spirituality, etc etc. We are keeping it open to allow you to be self-expressed. All submissions should be emailed to admin@sistershipcircle.com.

Submissions must include:
Name, website (if you have one), short two line bio, photo
All contributors must have a free Sister Tribe account (sign up here)

Submissions due by the last day of the month to admin@sistershipcircle.com.

How it works: your submission will be edited (grammatically, etc) and posted on our blog. Selected work will be featured on our social media and newsletter platforms with a link back to the entire month’s collection. Please submit original content.

We can’t wait to receive your submissions! Let’s rise up and shine together!



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