Why We All Need To Find Our Tribe (A Game of Intuition)

Want to play a fun game and connect with a like-minded tribe in the interests of co-creating a new world together? The only cost is your willingness to set aside your logical, rational, hard-working side and play in the realm of synchronicity and intuition.

First the reason for playing:

There are so many magical gifts that being part of a tribe can provide. From bonding together to address basic survival issues and spiritual unfolding to sharing art and entertainment or playful connection, tribes serve a variety of powerful human needs.

At this pivotal time on our planet, we are more in need than ever of tribal wisdom and support to help us reconnect and reimagine our world.

We no longer live in the kind of indigenous tribes of our ancestors, but many of us feel the call to ancient ways. The solution is not to go backwards in time or to appropriate someone else’s traditions, but to go forward with the gifts (including the gifts in disguise) that we currently have in this time and place.

There are many texts of ancient wisdom traditions (as well as myths and fairytales) that have been around for millennia. There is a very good reason they have endured. I highly recommend delving into whichever ones seem interesting to you and finding fresh meaning in them according to your unique situation in the present-day.  But there are also a lot of challenges in that they were written in different times for different people and often in different languages. Furthermore, they have often been rewritten to serve  various agendas.

I have found that oracles are everywhere and that the more you play with them the more astonishingly accurate they become. Nothing is 100% infallible. Even the most rigidly controlled scientific studies can be overturned or have unexplained anomalies. But this is is actually a good thing. We need to respect and embrace Mystery and Chaos as part of our evolutionary process.

We also need to play more —both individually and in tribes! There are some serious scientific studies on this topic and you know that when major corporations like Google implement policies reflecting this, that it must be effective!

So here’s the game I am proposing:

1. Put yourself in front of a shelf or stack of thought-provoking books. Could be yours or at the library or bookstore. Don’t look too closely at the titles.

2. Write this question in your journal if you have one or on a piece of paper.

“What is a useful possibility for me to explore on the topic of tribes and the evolution of our world?”

3. Close your eyes, reach out and pull a book. While your eyes are still closed open it to a random page. Then go sit down with the book and the question.

4. Read the open pages in front of you and see if there is anything that is related to the question. Use a little creativity if nothing jumps out right away. If you’ve never done anything like this before, it may take some practice. Intuition and synchronicity increase with use. You can also play with the text in front of you by adding the word tribe to one of the sentences or consider how adding a tribe to the narrative could change it in a positive way.

5. Write a sentence or more in answer to the question with whatever comes up for you after reading from the book. Try not to over think it.

6. Reach out to at least one person (the more the better) or possibly an existing tribe, either in person, email or on social media. Using what came to you, engage them in some way and see where it goes.

7. Go to the Tribal Truth FB page and share what happened. Tag me in the comment section of your post and I will respond.


If you’re curious about what I got from playing my own game today, see below:

I like to do things in threes.

I started with Tanya’s book Open your heart – How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader, since she was the one who inspired this idea for me.

I opened it it random and got page #182/3. I chose this sentence from her poem. “The world needs us sisters to co-create~ a new model of love and peace ~ generations coming together ~ grandmother aunt, sister and niece”

Well that one is a no-brainer, but it was totally cheating, since I chose the book with eyes open and knew Tanya is all about creating tribes. But it was still a fun synchronicity since the last time I saw Tanya was a year ago at Honey Root — a gathering of all generations of women.  I got to play “auntie” to her baby.

The next two books I played by my rules with eyes closed.

I got:

What’s Your Body Telling You? Listening to your Body’s Signals to Stop Anxiety, Erase Self Doubt, and Achieve True Wellness. Pages #98/9 by Steve Sisgold . The sentence I chose was:

“I strongly recommended he seek help in a men’s group…” which was about a man who had issues with anger that ended up having severe consequences for him.

I thought about how our world has had severe consequences due to men with anger issues. Not to blame men for the problems on the planet (as I used to when I was a young Women’s Studies major back in the 80s), or to imply that women don’t have the capacity for violence, but the old patriarchal paradigm and the imbalance between the masculine and feminine has undeniably wreaked havoc.

Men’s groups, (and not just the stereotypical ones that take place out in nature with tribal drumming) are an excellent balance to the sister circles. But we also need gatherings where the genders come together.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about balancing masculine and feminine energies on both the both personal and planetary levels. I have been immersed in the Divine Feminine and mostly have been in circles of women, but am thinking it is time to invite more masculine energy into my life. As Tanya said later in the aforementioned poem, “Let’s open our hearts and arms to embrace and welcome our men. …Everyone belongs in this circle”

The third book was “The Translucent Revolution — How People Just Like You Are Waking Up and Changing the World” bu Arjuna Armagh. Pages #460/1.  The sentence I chose was :

“He is the author of Radical Spirit and the founder of TCN, Inc which aims to create a network of transformational communities.”

The man referred to is Stephen Dinan whom I had never heard of when I first read the book back in Wisconsin 8 years ago. Little did I know then that I would end up moving a few miles from him and that through the Shift Network (which he had not yet founded) I would be introduced to several related tribes (virtual and physical) that have had an enormous impact on my life.

So my take away from this game today is this:

I had been wondering if I should invest the time in putting this offering together or in attending the new tribe event tomorrow night. I was concerned they both seemed like a distraction from other projects I need to complete. But I have been practicing listening to and following the advice of inner guidance, so I am sharing this with all of you and will do a similar game at the mixed gender tribe gathering tomorrow. I am curious to see what unfolds for me and for you.


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