You Have Permission To Be Beautiful: 3 Steps to Reclaim Your Beauty

Hello. I’m Bella, and I’m Beautiful.

I used to be ashamed of thinking I was beautiful. I thought it was conceited, arrogant, and egotistical to think I was pretty. I felt even more shameful to say it out loud.

I was afraid of what other women would think of me if I said, “I AM BEAUTIFUL.”

So I never said it. I kept it to myself, and slowly my light began to dim, and my heart began to ache. The more shame I experienced around my beauty, the uglier I felt. Thoughts of ugliness entered my field. I started seeing my body as flawed and imperfect. I focus on every extra bit of fat I had. I would starve myself not to gain another pound. I was spending ridiculous amounts of money on creams so I could feel pretty again. Nothing was working. I felt uglier and uglier. I was sinking into a depression.

I had to get myself out of this downward spiral. All this negative self-talk was beginning to take its toll and wreak havoc on my body. I began to have stomach issues and joint problems that were unexplainable. I couldn’t take it anymore.

In 2006, sitting in front of a mirror, tears streaming down my face, I pleaded with God, “Something has to change. It has to change for me, and it has to change for all the women in the world. I have to get up off this floor and claim my beauty again.”

And that’s what I did. In August of 2006, I created my company then called Image Empowering, now called Style Psychology and my signature program, “The Style Within.” I created this system so I could feel beautiful again and assist other women in feeling beautiful from the inside out.

I wanted to share 3 of the 11 steps of Style Within (™) with you. My hope is that you are granted permission to claim your beauty and empower the sisters around you to do the same.

Step 1: Transform Self-Sabotaging Thoughts

The key to transformation is to recognize the self-sabotaging thoughts you think about when it comes to your physical beauty. Take out a sheet of paper and make a list of all your perceived imperfections. Example: too fat, too thin, uneven breasts, wrinkly, gray hair, stretch marks, etc Draw a line down the center the page. For all the dislikes you listed, list one thing you do like about your body. Example: sexy butt, pretty lips, nice nails, etc

Step 2: Create a BEAUTIFUL BODY LOVING Affirmation

Armed with a list of what you love about your body, create a beautiful body loving affirmation. You’ll want to post this affirmation all around where you get dressed in the morning. Post it on the fridge, write it on your bathroom mirror, PUT IT EVERYWHERE! The late Wayne Dyer used to say, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” It’s true. Through our course, I’ve seen women drop over 10 lbs in 2 weeks without changing diet or exercise. The transformation with their body changed when they changed the way they looked at their body.

Here are some body affirmations example from our course:

I am worthy and deserving of being the beautiful woman I am.
I am a Queen, and my body is my palace.
I appreciate my breathtaking body.
I joyously express love for every part of my body.
I unconditionally love my body.
I see only good in my body.
I unconditionally approve of my gorgeous body.
I fabulously celebrate my gorgeous body.
My body is pure love.
I celebrate the beautiful woman I am.

Step 3: Dress For Your Body Type

Dress for Beauty and your body type. This one is key. You have to know how to dress your body type. So many women are fueled by frustration in the morning on what to wear. Changing several times only to run out the door saying, “it doesn’t matter anyway.”

WHAT?!? Do you know what you are saying? You are saying, “I DON’T MATTER.” Sister, you matter, A LOT. So please never let yourself run out of the house saying, “it doesn’t matter anyway.” It puts you on a vibrational frequency that you don’t want to be on. The way you dress affects your vibration. For so many women buying quality, clothing is a tough purchase. There’s so much for others she wants to put ahead of purchasing new clothes, labeling selfish or unnecessary if she buys herself something. However, think about it this way, what you put on the outside is a reflection of how you feel on the inside. If you still struggle with self-love, change your clothes, I guarantee it will change the way you see yourself. Your vibrational frequency will rise, you’ll fall in love with your body, and you will attract your deepest desires.

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfections. This is the essence of beauty.” -Steve Maraboli

When a woman is empowered by her beauty, she gives other women permission to be empowered by their beauty.

Let’s empower our beauty one sister at a time.

With Love,
Bella Verita


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