Art of Circle Facilitation Series Video 1

“Embody Your Power”

I recently had the honor to facilitate a blessing ceremony with How to Lead Circle graduate and my dear friend Devani Freeman for another sister Christine Hassler.

We witnessed her release fears around marriage and set her intentions for what she’s calling in.

The maidens shared blessings with her while the married women shared the wisdom we’ve collected from our own marriages.

We pampered her and made a beautiful dream catcher that holds all our blessings for her as a reminder that her sisters have her dreams at heart eternally.

The circle was exquisite. So beautiful in fact that this is the text I got from Christine this morning:

“I was floating all day and slept so peacefully. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful ritual. I will cherish it forever!”

This is the power of circle. It has an everlasting impact on all the women who experience it.

It look me no more than 15 minutes to prepare the outline. Everything flowed perfectly. It was simple, yet profound.

EVERYONE raved about it, thanking me for facilitating.

Now what did I do to create such a magical ceremony? What was my secret?

And how can YOU also lead powerful rituals, circles and ceremonies that leave women cherishing their experience forever?

Well, sister. You are in luck. I’ve got a gift for you today …

I’ve put together a video series where I share with you the four secrets to learning the Art of Circle Facilitation.

Facilitating circle is indeed an art. And like any artist, you need both form and magic.

These videos are straight from my experience of leading epic circles like this one (and training hundreds of other facilitators) for almost a decade now.

The first secret is Embodiment.

In this first video, you will learn:

✨How to get out of your own head and BE the conduit for the art to flow through you

✨Why the Priestess Archetype is used to facilitate circle and how to access her power

✨A story about how I embodied the Priestess energy to create the most epic circle of my career

Be Part of the Conversation

Leave a comment below and introduce yourself: who you are, where you live, whether you’ve led circle, and how the priestess archetype resonates with you.

Watch Video #2

In the next video, you’ll learn the secret to holding space here.

Join us LIVE!

Activate your inner Priestess and learn all the facilitation secrets at the upcoming workshop Art of Circle Facilitation, held at three locations.


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