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Art of Circle Facilitation Series Video 2

“Holding Space”

At Sistership Circle, we don’t give feedback in our circles and instead teach our facilitators “the beam.”

But holding space is more than just holding up your hands in the beam position.

Holding space is an art form.

And that’s why we are talking about the subtle art of holding space in today’s video.

In this second video you will learn:

How long you have to wait to let someone process a big emotion so it’s runs its course through the body

✨The secret to holding space and the two aspects that are critical to a safe container

✨The main reason why women are so terrified of upsetting someone in circle and how to maintain your calm

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Be Part of the Conversation

Leave a comment below and share: do you tend to give advice? Do you struggle to not give feedback? What’s the hardest part for you around holding silence and stillness?

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