Art of Circle Facilitation Series Video 3

“Circle Business Model”

During one of my first circles, everyone went around to share. As we approached the 5th or 6th woman, I noticed the shares started to get longer. And longer.

By the time we got to the second to last woman, the time was up!

As she started to share, I felt antsy. Did anyone need to leave right on time?

Did anyone notice we were over?

I was so distracted that I didn’t hear a word she said.

This is what happens when circles don’t have structure, and this is why at Sistership Circle we use a timer.

Not to be controlling, but to be fair.

We value the structure, it’s what creates a powerful container for depth, intimacy and transformation.

Without it, we start to feel uneasy, not present and even unsafe.

With it, we know our circles are worth paying for.

In this third video you will learn:

✨How to balance your structure with flow and the #1 thing you must prioritize

✨Why the limited belief that you can’t be spiritual and rich is bogus and how to make money with the art of circle facilitation

✨Why women are willing to pay for circle and continue to month after month

Our Path to Become a Sistership Circle Facilitator

To understand our model and path to get certified, watch this video here.

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Ever felt anxious because you were in a circle without a timer and women were sharing for a long time?

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