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Art of Circle Facilitation Series Video 4

“Co-Creative Leadership”

Before Sistership Circle was Tribal Truth. In 2011, Cara, the tribe leader for San Diego, and I were co-leading an event together.

She didn’t feel like it was a true co-creation and when we started the event, we stood up and ripped up the agenda in front of the circle.

We took our seats and asked the women to dialogue with us about what we were going to co-create for the event.

That was one of the edgiest things I had ever done in my circle facilitation up to that point, and it changed everything for me going forward.

Co-creation became part of the fabric of Tribal Truth and then Sistership Circle. 

Now, to co-create does not mean you have to rip up your agendas dramatically in front of a circle. It can be very simple and woven into your agenda. The point is that CO-CREATION is the new paradigm of feminine leadership.

In this fourth and final video of the series you will learn:

✨The subtle difference between circle and a workshop

✨The first step to empowering participants to become “co-owners” with you

✨What makes circles electric, exciting and magical

✨How to build confidence so your circles attract more women

Be Part of the Conversation

Leave a comment below and share: Is it hard for you to co-create because you struggle with trusting others? Or what else is in the way for you to step into co-creative leadership? 

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