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EP 34: How to Express Your Magic by Healing the Witch Wound

* Trust Your Intuition, Express Your Magic, Feel Safe in Your Body *

It’s been dangerous for women to come out of the spiritual closet, especially calling themselves “witches.” Many women are disconnected from their spiritual gifts and are terrified of being visible in the expression of those gifts. In this episode, you’ll learn a somatic practice to heal your witch would and feel empowered as a woman of the earth who has claimed her magic.


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • what is the witch wound
  • how the nervous system is an integral part of the healing process
  • how to identify, embody and express your magic in the world
  • facing the fear of what will happen if you get visible expressing your spiritual gifts in the world
  • how to bring your gifts out there without freezing
  • how to work with the trauma response and bring yourself out of freeze if that happens


Tanya’s Key Insights and Ahas:

2:00 – story about Peter Levine working with a woman raped at gun point and the systematic oppression of women – my trauma response to watching this video

5:42 – when we go into freeze, there is nothing wrong

7:00 – mirror neurons

8:40 – what is the witch wound? women/men were burned at the stake and killed for being witches

9:52 – intergenerational trauma keeps the fear of the “witch” alive

12:10 – when you don’t identify with the word “witch”

14:45 – the importance of being trauma informed and the role of the nervous system in the healing

17:20 – feeling disconnected from my magic – who I am to express my magic in the world?

18:45 – sovereignty inside the collective

20:20 – the embodiment and expression of your magic is connected with your intuition

24:40 – what Tanya’s gift is and how she expresses it in the world

25:27 – two incidences where Tanya felt burned at the stake

28:10 – how we do it to each other, as the conditioning from the patriarchy

30:20 – how do you deactivate yourself when you find yourself going into a trauma response (the freeze)

How to be BRAVE:

Share in the comments:

How did you disconnect from your intuition, your voice and your magic? What is your fear of being seen and do you feel dismissed for your wisdom?


Takeaways For You:

It’s a brave act to take your broom out of the closet and go fly, being visible in the moonlight.

Learn a practice to work with your nervous system to deactivate and unfreeze yourself when you feel under threat.

As a woman shining her light, keep doing the work; the work is in the body. Healing the feminine is about embodiment.



Witch by Lisa Lister

Pioneer of The Witch Wound work: Kimberley Jones

Pussy by Mama Gena

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