EP 36: Stop Blocking Support & Shift Into Receptivity

* How to Receive the Support of the Goddess through Sisterhood *

During the heroine’s journey, there’s a point of surrender where you realize you are not alone and you have the choice to receive support. You can be stubborn and continue to try to force everything to happen on your own, or you can open your heart to the goddess. This is integral to women stepping into their feminine leadership and coming into a new level of embodying the divine. In this episode, you will experience the power of being held and supported so that you can truly show up in your magic.


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What happens when you hang out in the “fertile void” from the last episode and allow yourself to surrender
  • The story of the goddess Inanna and how she met her sister Erishkigal
  • A powerful visualization into the red tent to experience the flow of giving and receiving within sisterhood
  • The 3 ways we block ourselves from support and how to shift into receptivity
  • How the circle provides all that you need and opening to receive it’s medicine


Tanya’s Key Insights and Ahas:

1:30 – story of goddess Inanna and her descent into the underworld hanging out in the fertile void, from nothing comes something

4:30 – becoming more comfortable with the sensations in the body and learning self-regulation
6:00 – story of a woman feeling like the world is closing in on her and she can’t breathe
8:50 – meeting the goddess in the void
9:50 – the question: are you ready to receive the goddess’s support?
10;30 – When God was a woman
11:45 – receive support from goddess through sisterhood
14:15 – visualization of going into the red tent and giving and receiving in sisterhood
23:30 – After the visualization, answer the question: “what do you want to create from this place of overflow?”
24:20 – why we block ourselves from receiving support
1) burden
2) if I receive her support, she’ll be empty as a result of giving to me
3) We have been taught that vulnerability is a weakness
What will they think of me? I’m weak and a fraud
27:23 – my story about money and publishing my book
30:45 – receiving is about opening the heart
31:05 – the power of circle to transform the belief from vulnerability is my weakness to vulnerability is my greatest strength and the circle will provide
31:35 – Hestia as the goddess of circle
32:20 – “The Goddess is the world” – Starhawk
33:45 – learn how to celebrate one another, the sacredness within each one of us
34:40 – honoring and taking care of your body temple
36:05 – this world is a mirror – when I celebrate my sisters i dissolve the sister and mother wound
37:00 – plant medicine as a tool to see what else is possible by entering the void
39:30 – why we are called to connect with and work with plants
40:25 – a prayer for the feminine

How to be BRAVE:

Share in the comments:

How do you block support in your life? When do you find yourself contracted and closed to receiving?


Takeaways For You:

The circle provides everything that you need. The question is: are you willing to open your heart and receive?



When God Was a Woman – Merlin Stone

How to Change Your Mind – Michael Pollan



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