EP30: Alexis Logan on Stop Settling for Less and Activate Your MORE

Alexis Logan is the founder of Intuitive Ambition and Activate Your Wealth Code. She teaches entrepreneurs how to deepen into their soul purpose and trust their inner knowing so that they can bring their calling into the world, serve at their best, and increase their income & impact. Alexis is a trained forensic social worker and spiritual teacher that gets to the root of things quickly so that her clients can handle the real issues standing in the way of their success.

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In this episode, Alexis shares:  

* Simple strategies to up level your prosperity.

* How to embody your soul’s truth and become the leader that you were born to be.

* A guided meditation to connect you to your intuition.

* The importance getting out of our head into the body.

* How to activate your “more” by tuning into your purpose & mission, your skill set, and clarity on who you want to serve.

* The importance of defining what wealth means and looks like- your WHY?

* Why it’s important to charge for your circles and open up your receiving channel.

* Why the people that you surround yourself with will impact your wealth frequency.


3:02- How do we really tap into our intuition?
3:25- Alexi’s deeper core belief on intuition
4:48- Tuning into our intuition
10:13- Soul purpose and wealth
15:22- The greater vision
16:20- What is the true alignment in financial exchange?
17:48- Be open to being led
21:12- Tuning into your body and tapping into your intuition
28:39- Recieving
31:16- Selfish vs. Self-Full



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