EP31: Karen Brody on Daring to Rest with Yoga Nidra

Karen Brody is a women’s well-being and leadership expert who helps women journey from worn out to well rested and then dream big in their work and lives. A certified yoga nidra instructor, she is the founder of Daring to Rest™, a yoga nidra-based self-empowerment program for women. She has an MA in Women and International Development from the Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands, and a BA in sociology from Vassar. Karen is also a playwright, and Birth, her theater-for-social-change play has been seen in over 75 cities around the world. She is the mother of two boys and met her husband in the Peace Corps. She resides in Washington, DC, but considers the world her home.

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In this episode, Karen shares:  

* How to take care of yourself as a women to make sure that you are getting the restoration that you need.

* The art of doing nothing, and why it’s important for women to reclaim it.

* How starting her Yoga Nidra practise helped her wean off anti anxiety medicine.

* Yoga Nidra (the sleep of the yogi’s) is a sleep based meditation technique and helps to regenerate the organs in your body.

* How Yoga Nidra helped her to become a better mother, and helped her realize that she was worthy of her self care time.

* Yoga Nidra helped her to boost her creativity as a writer, and helped her to over come burnout.

* A guided Yoga Nidra meditation experience.


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