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Facilitator Friday: Why Should You Charge for Circle

We cannot have this conversation about circles without talking about money. There is a stigma that circles should be free, sisterhood cannot be commoditized and it’s not spiritual or healing if you charge money.

There’s also a desire from women to serve the underprivileged and create circle opportunities where anyone can participate, regardless of economic status.

But here’s the thing: if you do not have money coming in, your basic needs may not be getting met.

Think about that… even non-profits need donors to keep providing services, the church needs donations to keep the doors open and even in ancient times when priestesses worked in the temples, all of their needs were met and provided for by the community.

You are no different and circle is no different.

Lots of Resources

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Take Action

How would that feel to have your needs provided for? So how much money would you need to make in order to live? Please share a comment below.


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