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5 Keys to Your Circle Business Success

One of the reasons women want to start a circle is to create a business doing meaningful work that captures their essence.

There is a stigma around getting paid to do spiritual work, but I wholeheartedly encourage women to let go of that old belief.

You deserve to be compensated for the work your SOUL came to this earth to fulfill on.

Imagine if the wealth of the world was transferred to the spiritual women of the world. How much better would this world be?

We’d see more focused investment on education, health and sustainability.

We’d see less focus on the military and prison industrial complexes.

When I first started out, I struggled to make money leading circle. I barely charged anything and became burned out and resentful in the process. I felt like I was giving to the point of depletion, and not receiving anything in return.

In fact, it wasn’t until I met Brent that I began to actually make a living doing my purpose work. I’m fortunate to have a power partner who complements my strengths.

But it’s not just luck that has had us succeed and build a global organization. We took a look at some the things we’ve learned and implemented over the years, and want to share our top 5 keys to our business success.

These keys are universal; they can be applied at any level of circle leadership from starting your first circle to training trainers. It also applies to ANY business.

1 – Consistency

As Marie Forleo said, “success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, but comes from what you do consistently.”

When I first started, I committed to doing a weekly vlog called Truth Telling Tuesday and I didn’t skip it for probably 2-3 years.

I also committed to doing a monthly circle.

What I noticed is that this created a rhythm for me that made it easier for me to show up over time, and it also helped make my work more noticeable in the crowd.

This is why in How to Lead Circle we ask that the women show up for 12 weeks to circle in a row; it builds this muscle of showing up even when you don’t feel like it.

2 – Declaring goals

Every year, Brent and I sit down with our numbers. We create goals with specific targets for each program and product. Then at the end of the year, we review and reflect on our performance.

Every year, I’ve created an income goal that felt daunting, and have come pretty close to reaching it every single time.

I’ll never forget the time this really sunk in. It was in 2018 and I declared we would have 60 women in How to Lead Circle. This felt like a big stretch, and a few weeks in, I panicked. I felt overwhelmed and started to shrink, convincing myself the goal was too high.

I called one of my best friends and she helped me find my center again. She asked me to first figure out my minimum. There were 6 groups and a minimum of 6 women, so I told her 36.

She asked if I felt like that was possible.

Yes absolutely.

Then she said, “ok, well then let go of the pressure around more than that, and just play full out. What does playing full out look like for you?”

The answer was simple: having conversations, posting on social media, and asking people to share the program.

My whole body settled. I got into action. And guess what happened?

including our trainer team, we had 60 women in the program.

I laughed about it later, saying, “I should have been more specific that we wanted 60 participants!”

Yes, specificity is key to declaring your goals.

This is why we encourage declaring goals in ALL of our training programs.

3 – Trust

I had a panic moment the other day because I felt like everything was falling apart. I get this feeling every time we are about to open registration for How to Lead Circle, as if the program may not happen this time, even though we’ve consistently done it for almost five years now.

I share this to inspire you that YOU are not alone if you are afraid people won’t show up, no matter what level your business is at.

This feeling is familiar and really old. It’s rooted in a limited belief from childhood that “I’m all alone.” Even though I know from evidence that it’s not true, it still sneaks up on me subconsciously.

As I shared my vulnerability with Brent, he reminded me to TRUST.

Trust the process.
Trust myself.
Trust in a power higher than myself.

We do this circle work so that women can release the old patriarchal belief that has us think we have to do it all alone and instead trust ourselves and one another to come into deep communion with the divine feminine.

It is a mantra we repeat to ourselves over and over again. We have to get out of our heads and into our hearts to trust. And then make the leap into the unknown each and every time.

5 – Platform

On our camping trip this summer, Brent and I had an “a ha” moment. Remember how I said that it wasn’t until Brent showed up when we started to make money?

Well, we also have a saying that brent is the “platform” and I am the “community.” These are our complementary strengths.

The platform was required in order to have the community grow. Without it, I’d have never expanded.

This is what makes Sistership Circle so unique and we realized this is the key to our facilitators’ success. To have the masculine backbone and structure to support women in being in their feminine magic in circle is what will catapult women to create successful circle businesses.

Over to you, sister!

Which of these 5 are you already applying to your business? Which one are you struggling with? Anything you would add to this list?


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