An Intuitive Parenting Tool That Can Heal Your Children

I have found and used a very powerful tool when it comes to parenting that I’d like to share with you. If you are someone who believes in the body-mind connection and alternative medicine, then you are going to love this.

It’s called Dowsing.

Dowsing is a form of connecting to the part of you that already has all the answers. My dowsing work is my best friend when it comes to parenting. When my pendulum comes out it takes the guess work out of any situation. Dowsing has taught not only my children but my husband and I that we are empowered beings with many choices in life. We lead a far different reality than when we began this journey.

Dowsing is a fabulous tool when it comes to understanding the physical aspects of the body.

There isn’t enough time in a day to describe how many times dowsing has answered questions about my kids symptoms. I always ask if the cause of XYZ is mental, physical, emotional or spiritually based. From there I have a good idea on how to find the root of the issue and transmute it into beneficial energy. Over the course of 4 years, we have had a cold less than 3 times and by dowsing away the infection we greatly reduce symptoms and either instantly feel better or recover very quickly. I have noticed the times where the family did fall ill all happened after returning from a visit from other people in in other areas. Often times we were not as aware of the levels of hydration and weakened our immune system. I have dowsed to understand certain areas are a lower vibration and as such certain precautions should be made in order to maintain total wellness.

Another way I use dowsing is to heal the bumps and bruises. I go back in time, remove the vibrational cause and match to that part of the body getting hurt. I ask to transmute any cellular memory of the injury and any inflammation. Then I ask to scramble any pain receptors and ask to fill the body up with golden unconditional love for each and every part of the being. Lately, I don’t have to even use a pendulum to clear wounds, I have the intention to sweep it away with my hands and ask it to be cleared and healed 100%. It really is amazing what we are capable of doing with our divine intention.

Dowsing has brought an incredible sense of accountability. I taught my seven year old to clear himself from any discordant energy. He needs this often when he has had too much screen time especially when visiting our relatives. My son also knows to program his food to clear it and raise it to the highest vibration. Overall, dowsing has hugely increased his awareness and ability to take action to the highest good. I have taught him to finger dowse lists, for example I have a book of flower essences with over a 100+ essences. He really enjoys dowsing for what everyone in the house can benefit from, the descriptions for each essence is always so spot on with whatever is going on at the time. The real fun comes in when he programs the water with the appropriate frequency, tone and amount of each essence, the different tastes in the water thrill him every time.

I also use dowsing and heart-speak with my infant daughter. If she is upset, it only takes a minute to figure out the solution. For example, one night she was irate and unconsolably crying in pain. My dowsing told me it was a reaction to my milk from something I had eaten. Once I knew that, I transmuted the effects of the milk and all symptoms causing discomfort. With in minutes, she was back to her happy, bubbly self. I have also found my daughter is very sensitive to sound so like sweeping away the ouches, I pull out any harmful frequencies she has herd. This really helps with calming her before bedtime. I do the same with teething, asking to remove any resistance and pain receptors causing all symptoms of teething. The frequency causing any pain or non-beneficial energy has an equal existence in the opposite frequency and it just takes intention to integrate the life-supporting energy.

Dowsing really helped me to see the world as a reality made up of bunch of frequencies. For every frequency there is an equal and opposite frequency to cancel out the other. So it simply a matter of training your brain to acknowledge the problem and immediately look to transmute it to the opposite frequency. I don’t think many hours go by in the day where I am not dowsing, whether I have a pendulum in my hand or not. I am constantly adjusting the frequencies around me to support a life of love and harmony in my reality. I encourage you to question what frequencies are asking to be shifted in your life. If you would like any assistance or more information, please reach out.


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